Management Development Program

Management Program – Executive Management Development sponsored by the College 's Academic Continuing Education Unit of the School of Social Work , Bar Ilan University

About Management Course

To become a manager in the modern world means knowing to deal simultaneously with many challenges, dynamic, competitive and changing, in a proper way between people management, project management and personnel management, to improve the organization's achievements. Management Course brings a systemic perspective, provides advanced tools and techniques and develop personal skills, which will help participants to leave their “stamp” on the organization, to lead their team towards success and promote the entire enterprise development and growth.

Management studies give you
  • Knowledge, techniques and tools useful for advanced management of people.
  • Learning and acquisition of personal skills and interpersonal communication.
  • Developing the ability to produce the circumstances and not to be dragged behind them.
  • Empowerment of the principal purposes of motivating people’s capacity, teams and organizational processes.
  • Tools and techniques for creating and promoting organizational changes and organizational impact.
To whom the course is Suitable?
למי מיועד

Managers seeking to acquire practical tools for personal and professional management and to develop personal and interpersonal skills in order to empower their managerial abilities, their impact on the organization and promotion.

Workers seeking knowledge and tools to help them get ahead on a personal level to a management position.

Our uniqueness - personal management development tools

Focus on the development of potential participants to become a good manager. A good manager must be able to drive, feedback, communicate and other interpersonal skills.
We focus on individual assessment of each participant's individual abilities regarding these issues, providing tools to develop necessary skills and empowerment to the desired state.
Management Course participants learn to identify them with the strengths and resources, weaknesses, personal management vision and more. In this way participants learn to build their own personal way to use the tools and empowerment and leverage the role challenges.
Construction of Applied personalized action plan for each participant. During the Executive Development Course participants will learn to set their own vision, goals and objectives and build a practical action plan for implementing the customized program, towards progress in the organization where they are or in other organizations. The program will be accompanied by coaches from initiatives, backgrounds and extensive experience in training managers to improve results.

Key content management development

Become an admin – role perception, challenges and opportunities, difficulties and challenges and more.

Managerial vision – finding compass personal management, management according to values.

Management and leadership – to be a leader, transformational leadership, communication and other leaders.

Property Management – management according to values and moral standards.

Building efficient work processes – according to planned management goals, objectives and action plans, monitoring and tracking, and more .

Skills and personal management tools as manager: time management, knowledge management, meeting management, decision-making processes, allocation of tasks and more .

Management teams – Effective management of staff, management teams, models, challenges and challenges in managing a team, conflict management, and more.

Interpersonal communication management – skills in communicating with employees, management levels and corresponding higher levels of management, assertiveness, managing emotions, empathy, emotional intelligence, messaging and more.

Providing feedback, coaching and mentoring the management staff – skills and tools to drive people peak performance, providing constructive feedback, coaching frame construction workers, employee evaluation processes and more.

Director entrepreneur – developing entrepreneurial skills required to leverage personal manager, creating value for the organization, and more.

Change management – leading changes in the organization, personal responsibility and capable of managing change, dealing with difficulties and setbacks employees in the change process, and more.

Strategies for negotiating progress with internal organizational factors – efficient business call management, work organization-wide projects, working between interfaces, intra-organizational understanding of politics and proper conduct in front of her and more.

Organizational and strategic impact for the purpose of personal promotion – matching individual and team performance corporate strategy, messages and ideas to higher management levels, creativity and motivation challenge to the organization of future results and more.

Scope Management course

125 SI – 25 sessions of 5 MOG


Meeting the requirements of the course will award a Certificate of Yozmot College, sponsored by the Continuing Education Unit of the School of Social Work, Bar Ilan University.

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