About Yozmot Group


Yozmot Group is a consulting, coaching, personal, organizational and business development company that operates in each of these levels in order to lead people, groups and organizations, in their unique way, to change, innovation, success and improving personal and business outcome, while breaking the boundaries and abilities and achieving higher set goals.

Yozmot Group was founded in 2002 by its chairman Mr. Tamir Peleg, out of the vision of providing tools and developmental skills to improve the lives of people, increasing community ties, and perceiving a more positive perception of life on the personal, business and corporate level.

Areas of Activity

  1. Yozmot for Organizational Development – the Organizational Unit includes Organizational Consultants, workshops and course instructors in various specialty areas. The Organizational Unit provides its services to a wide verity of leading organizations in the Israeli market, in topics such as: management development, employee development, sales and services team development, consulting and personal coaching to CEOs and consulting and organizational development officials.

    These processes enable organizations to Turn themselves to their business work routine and receive consulting, training and professional guidance which aims to leverage the work, focus and develop optimizing processes and professionalism in human capital, in order to create a pleasant and effective working environment, which enables growth and development of the human capital, developing skills and abilities required in various positions, organizational stability, employee retention, hence securing and positioning the organization and creating a competitive advantage over the competition.

  2. Yozmot for business Development – the Business Unit includes Mentors whom are business owners, successful entrepreneurs and CEOs from leading organizations in the Israeli market, which have retired after many years, and transferred from management, entrepreneurship and leading to consulting and guidance. These Mentors bring their immense experience, proven success and vast knowledge accumulated over the years to promote, enhance and assist breakthroughs and successes in business. Consultation and business coaching processes are suitable for existing businesses, new business being established and help leverage business results through optimizing process, consolidation and development of skills required for the position, allowing the business to realize their full potential, create competitive advantage and lead the market.
  3. Yozmot for Personal Development – Yozmot College – Professional Collage for all Coaching Studies, Parenting and Family Studies and Development and Entrepreneurship Studies in aim to instill and impart the knowledge and skills to a profession.
    Yozmot College offers training programs and enrichment classes in 8 training centers across Israel.

Yozmot College leading the market

Academic sponsorship – Yozmot College was the first college to hold a Coaching course sponsored by the Division of Continuing Education, The School of Social Work at Bar Ilan University.
Nationwide Distribution – Yozmot College has eight study centers from northern Israel to the south of the country – Kiryat Shmona, Rosh Pina, Haifa, Herzliya, Ramat Gan (Bar Ilan University), Tel – Aviv, Jerusalem and Beer Sheva.
Number of alumni and students – about 2,000 students and alumni across the country, continue their professional development through advanced courses, internships and professional workshops. During the last year 700 students took part in the 40 different courses available in Yozmot College.
Teaching staff – Yozmot College has a team of highly skilled professional facilitators, including 15 facilitators, with different specialties. All of the facilitators are approved by the Bar Ilan University.
Students – Yozmot College holds in-depth interviews to all its applicants, and select only those which show potential, maturity and understanding of responsibility and professional ethics required. We definitely refer our students as TEAM.

Contribution to the community

One of the values we promote, in practice, in each area of our operations, providing an educational value to all the students at Yozmot College:

The business consulting and organizational consulting field: ongoing projects of community service – Tsalmon Prison, Haifa Municipality, Radio Haifa, Haifa Symphony Orchestra, Redeemed Day Centre for the elderly, Ano"s Association Kiryat Yam.

As part of Yozmot College:

Funds raised during Practicum in the Coaching training course are contributed to the community (kindergarten child Alut).

Funds raised during Practicum in the Coaching training course are contributed to the community as part of Women Empowerment at the community center in Kiryat Yovel.

Funds raised during Practicum in the Coaching training course are contributed to the community as part of returning women to the workforce in Mevasseret Zion.

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